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Victor fires and disowns him, once again referring to his son as Adam.Seeking revenge, Adam plots with Victor's longtime enemy Jack Abbott to use a forged diary to frame Victor for murder.Heather confronts Adam about his relationship with Rafe, and despite Adam's denials she breaks up with him.Sharon Newman is pregnant by Nicholas, her ex-husband and Adam's half brother. When Sharon goes into premature labor, Ashley believes that she is as well.

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Victor turns up alive and is shocked by Adam's actions.

The housekeeper Estella Munoz is blamed and arrested, but Adam is the one gaslighting Ashley, injecting something into his eyes to simulate blindness before medical exams. Estella's nephew Rafe Torres, Adam's friend, becomes suspicious of Adam.

Nicholas and Victoria's mother Nikki voices her suspicions that Adam is involved, but Victor and Ashley dismiss her. Rafe goes to Adam's room to investigate and nearly stumbles upon evidence of Adam's guilt. Nikki stumbles upon the men kissing, but leaves unseen.

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