Yahoo sex chat contacts

Click Download and enter the email where chat history file needs to be sent and click OK.

The chat history files can be checked for on email.

If you use either Messenger or Mail during the course of your work day, viewing the two as an integrated Web page can streamline your business communication routine. Click your name or Yahoo ID in the upper-left corner of the screen and select "Available" to show your contacts you are online and able to chat.

Alternatively, select "Busy" to show you are online but indisposed, or "Invisible," to go online while appearing to be offline. Click the minimized Yahoo Messenger window at the bottom of the screen if it automatically appeared when you went online.

Yahoo started beta-testing Squirrel group chat service in May.

Interested users can also request for an invitation.

This can't be said for newer platforms like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

Will studied journalism at the University of Minnesota.

He is working on four fiction and nonfiction books.

You can also get to the web version of Yahoo Messenger through Yahoo! From the top left menu, choose the smiley face icon to open a mini version of Messenger.

It supports all the same functions as the regular version.

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