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CLEVELAND, Ohio - It was roughly a year ago that two of "The Walking Dead's" main characters hooked up.And it just so happens that one of them is black and the other is white.We are appalled that more sensitivity was not applied in portraying our comments with the nuances that we provided.We do not regret doing this interview, nor are we apologizing for our experiences or pretending that they did not happen, but we do regret how our interview was represented.You're less likely to notice someone's skin color when they're saving you from being devoured.

When we sat down for the interview, we asked what the story was going to be and were told that although there wasn’t a story yet, it would arise from the comments of couples in the interviews.When Rick and Michonne became a couple, it was something fans didn't see coming.After all, it was never hinted at in the comic book.Save for "The Wire," the big TV dramas, post "The Sopranos," have mostly been void of racial issues.Some of that has to do with several dramas being period pieces like "Game of Thrones," "Mad Men" or "Deadwood." Other shows stay hyper focused on plots involving drugs ("Breaking Bad"), politics ("House of Cards") death ("Six Feet Under").Because "The Walking Dead" is a show about humans vs.zombies, the post-apocalyptic world is somewhat colorblind.We care about many of the people that we spoke about in this article, and that is why we were ambiguous with refusing to provide identities when telling these stories.We did not want any individuals to be publicly implicated, especially since many of them are friends.But by trying to avoid specifics, we feel as if the unintended consequence has been for the The Crimson to lump black students at Harvard into one angry, unsupportive group.Considering the heated and sensitive nature of race-related topics, and the courage and vulnerability that it took for us to come forward and interview about our experiences in the first place, we are disappointed in the coverage of our story.

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