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He is exposing the victim to further harrassment via the predator concerned by handing over entrusted details for the fee of .

When asked by a victim below to remove the post concerned he decided to extort, when that failed he lied by playing the run-around game.

4.) No I don't know about any website about my site...

I know there have been a few news stories, and a few hackers who have created sites trying to defeat my site or talk crap about my site...

This is for a FULL Removal of your profile off the site including pictures, text and comments.

We have a 100% removal rate for unsubstantiated claims Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we combine experience and expertise for our clients, including law, search engine optimization, and relationship building to remove and suppress negative information for good.

anyone can post to the site and it goes live 2.) The person who posts a psycho to the site can easily log back into their account and update the psycho's profile to remove the data... I am complying with all laws and not doing anything illegal.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: J-Dog Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at AM Subject: Re: Dating Website Contact To: [email protected] am doing nothing wrong...I have no way of knowing what people are really psychos, and what people are not...The removal process takes anywhere from 10-14 days and if we do not win the case and get the removal you do NOT pay a dime.We have a very, very high removal rate with this site and that is how we can offer our ironclad money-back guarantee.This man is a menace and making a healthy profit by running this money making racket on other people's suffering.Below JDog admits to not doing any research into anything that is posted, his only interest is in scamming for money.I have tried to delete them but only the pictures are deleting thus far. Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks, XXXXXXXX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original extortion post - note - he also removed the banner - I managed to take a copy of it before he pulled it.Did a friend, family member or co-worker tell you about this unflattering post that will most likely severely damage your online reputation?Are you now wondering how do I remove my name from Dating Psychos? Everyday we help clients remove their name from Dating using our legal & arbitration Remove Names service.

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