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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, who is current embroiled in a vicious custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney, got fired up on Twitter.However, if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you saw Slade make a real effort to get out of debt and be there for his son last season.Slade realized that he always spent time with guys who had the thing that he never had.Then Slade made new friends and he tried to learn how to attract women and tried to get dates.And scientists have revealed that altruistic behaviour lights up your brain's pleasure center.As such, the well appointed love nest as well as the cluttered bachelor pad are both possible signs of trouble ahead.He will also test them in an attempt to find out which ones are there for the right reasons.De La Rosa will choose one suitor from each episode to pass to the next round — in the end, whittling the choices down to that one special guy.

For that reason more than her own situation, Tamra Barney may have gone too far with that Tweet, no matter what bad blood exists between herself and Gretchen.

Slade wants to help guys to improve their dating life and has published his several books helping men specifically.

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He improved himself by spending time watching his friend guys in the club and paying attention to what they did and said to women every day.

Gradually, Slade figured out what was the difference between the guys who got women and the guys who didn’t get them.

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