Who is keshia cole dating

I love and miss you more than you and I can’t go another day without my sister knowing this, the God in me will not allow it…My heart has been suffering and I’m ready to be healed and this is apart of my healing…Young Thug's former manager has scored a huge victory in his case against the rapper's financial team ... READ MORE Keyshia Cole is gonna pay dearly for attacking a woman in Birdman's L. I was ready to stay and fight but my breast milk supply has kind of been getting a little less.

READ MORE Keyshia Cole just got off scott free in her criminal case where she could have ended up in jail for 30 days.

I don’t know why you keep Dj from us but as a mother I’m sure you have your reasons….

Someone of a wise mind told me to humble myself and accept my actions and put my pride down..

Keyshia Cole has shared a lengthy social media post, opening up about her strained relationship with her sister Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh.

Her message also addressed some of the public being judgmental about her relationship to 22-year-old rapper Niko Khale.

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