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Becoming an active participant in extracurricular activities such as swimming and basketball, she at the age of fourteen joined a band called D'Sign, who were unfortunately dropped from their label before recording an album.

Feeling strong passion in music, Keri continued polishing her talent by writing songs.

Let’s play Devil’s advocate and assume that Keri is still dating Serge, and the message she has for women is about her personal situation. The post says Keri puts women on blast who wake up everyday with the expressed purpose of trying to be “the other woman,” by any means necessary — even if it means trying to get a piece of another woman’s apple pie.

Apparently, with social media at everyone’s fingertips, which brings out the best — and worst — of users, women are putting themselves out there to eligible bachelors in hopes of scoring a keeper.

Keri Hilson doesn’t often rant, but when she does, she takes women to school on the rules of engagement with men already accounted for.

To all promoters worldwide 🌍 If you are not speaking w/ Aljamaal Jones, ICM, or Left of Center, then you are NOT speaking w/ my representation.

Still, she did not hesitate to admit that Ibaka was a gift from God.

She then cooked up new materials with the rapper for her debut studio album.

While finishing final touch for her effort, Keri continued helping other singers either joining their song-writers team or making a cameo in their music videos.

"For years I was smiling for pictures and I'm doing the same, but I think people can tell the difference.

That's just been a testament to the fact that people can really see your aura." Although Hilson revealed that her relationship with Ibaka has positively impacted her life, she said that it came only after she decided to submit to Jesus Christ.

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