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Things are also complicated for Kate because of her lack of parental experience.

"Everyone in the office has to deal with the repercussions of that — even those not directly involved," Ryan says.

Lee added that he’d be open to letting canceled shows end their runs on Saturday nights in lieu of sending viewers online. “I do know one thing: I know that Modern Family should win the Emmy for comedy this year,” he said.

Celebrity marriages and romances are constantly talked about in the media and speculated about between fans, but that doesn’t mean that every female celebrity is looking to tie the knot.

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She's so smart at every other aspect of her life except for personal relationships.2 slot (37%), Lee had little to say: “I was very, very proud of that and it’s a very important thing.”Let’s hope that with more time comes more visibility on the flagship network in the Disney family.Asked if he’d be more patient when it comes to such bubble shows as Better Off Ted and Pushing Daisies while at ABC, Lee said he’d be open to allowing more time for programming to stick, but that “we’re all slaves to ratings.” During his tenure with ABC Family, he noted that he had more time to be patient and let programming find its audience."They're turning Peter into a bit of a playa so he's dating a lot and going out with a lot of chicks.Chicks are throwing themselves at him," Delany says."Kate then finds herself thrown into the middle of this already very tense and uncomfortable family dynamic, which she had no interest in being in the middle of, and it involves a teenage girl as well.So it's very awkward and everybody's trying to find their footing in this new dynamic." 2."Megan's a little like, 'Hm, I didn't really know he was that hot.' So I think that starts stirring things up." That jealously will be mutual when Derek enters Megan's life. Don't hold your breath for Megan and Peter: Yes, the crime-solving duo will feel the pangs of jealously, but both Delany and Bishop admit pairing their characters together feels a little been there, done that.Not to mention, as Bishop points out, their hookup would make the medical examiner's office "hell on wheels" for everyone.While ABC’s fall programming schedule is packed with new series that feature strong women front and center, the lesbian content doesn’t seem promising judging from their presentation to critics Sunday in Beverly Hills.Here’s a rundown of the scripted series ABC will be kicking off come September and beyond. ABC Executive session Incoming ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee, noting that he’s only been on the job for 36 hours (having just been promoted after the departure of Steve Mc Pherson), didn’t say much about specific plans for the network’s fall primetime schedule, other than that he isn’t planning to shuffle premiere dates and time slots.

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