Which divas are dating wrestlers

She can claim victories over The Bella Twins two weeks in a row on RAW, though.

Well, we know what CM Punk chose for the answer to this question, don't we?

Of course, we thought that was more likely than she'd go on to be one of the best monster truck drivers in the world! We're still waiting for the day when she takes out the ponytail and goes full heel on Sasha Banks.

She started as a dancer on the WWE's reboot of ECW and had a nice run in the WWE, which was followed with a spot on the E! There's always rumors of a return since she's still young. At one point, she seemed poised to be the diva of the new age for the WWE, but there was one little hitch.

She really couldn't wrestle and sucked on a microphone.

She was the only one of the original GLOW girls to go on to do anything of note in the professional wrestling industry.

Ivory was a breath of fresh air among the fake blonde, non-wrestlers of the Attitude Era in both looks and talent.

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