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Except for the common finding that reported usage of unit-price labels was correlated positively with education, the results of the five studies yield a most inconsistent picture.

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Unit pricing, as the practice is now widely called, is not a new development, having been used by supermarkets for many years to display price information for such store-packaged, variable-size products as meats and cheeses.

Thus small independent stores with low sales volume must expend a relatively high percentage of their annual sales to support a unit-pricing program.

The estimates calculated in one study (Mc Cullough and Padberg, 1971) of the direct costs of unit pricing as a percentage of total sales ranged from 4.15 percent for low-volume stores (annual sales under 0,000) in a small distribution network (20 stores), to .095 percent for high-volume stores (annual sales over ,0()0,000) in a large distribution network (90 stores).

The findings suggest that the use of unit-price labels may substantially reduce purchase errors for economy-minded consumers at a savings in time (Gatewood and Perloff, in press) and money (Friedman, in press; and Houston, 1972).

Consumer Reaction to Unit-pricing Programs Monroe and La Placa (1972) have recently reviewed studies of consumer reaction to unit-pricing programs which were introduced in five food chains.

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