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Your only options will be to either negotiate a ransom payment (many of these crooks won't be offended if you try to haggle) or hope that any recent system backup you may have wasn't encrypted too.

To prevent infection by any kind of ransomware, don't click on any links in email messages you don't expect; configure your Windows user accounts so that your day-to-day-usage account is a "limited" one that can't install software; and install and run robust, continually updating antivirus software.

Encrypted files get the additional suffix ".fantom." When the encryption process is finished, Fantom pops up a ransom note instructing the user to email a Russian email address.

No specific ransom amount is mentioned, but presumably the response from the online criminals will include one.

Even Windows 10 Pro users can only postpone, not opt out of, system updates.

That won't prevent infection, but if a random Windows Update screen pops up, you'll know it's bogus and can shut down the machine immediately.Victims have a week to pay up or the files will be erased, the note says in pretty poor English.If you're seeing that screen, you're pretty well hosed.By default that includes Windows system folders, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Favorites, and Desktop folders for each user.SEE: Cybersecurity spotlight: The ransomware battle (Tech Pro Research)Exclusions for certain apps can be made, folders can be added, and Controlled Folder Access can be toggled on and off by taking the following steps.Der Enky LC Dongle ist einer der kosteneffektivsten Dongles auf dem Markt.Integriert ist ein bewährter 8 Bit Chip, der von einem Top Class Hersteller produziert wird.Choose Extendware for your Magento Extension and Magento module needs and grow your business today! Ransomware is everywhere nowadays, and it's been nearly impossible to stop it.We are so confident in our extensions that most of them come with a 30 day refund guarantee.We also offer 7 Day Free Trials so you can make sure our extensions are a fit for your environment.

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