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It's focused around groups and events, and users start a conversation by selecting one of their match's photos. Facebook is adding a slightly left-field feature: "Live commenting" on videos.This means people will be able to appear in a bubble alongside videos and narrate them in real time. Facebook will let third-party apps post to users' stories in Instagram and Facebook, Cox announces."The future of our tech, the future of our industry, is not going to be built here in California," he tells the crowd.Messenger boss David Marcus announces that Messenger is adding language-translating features to Messenger, meaning, in theory, you'll be able to hold real-time conversations with people who speak different languages.It's also launching Oculus TV to watch video content in virtual reality, partnering with Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Showtime, and others.Facebook exec Ime Archibong butters up Facebook's developer base in a short speech, touting numbers about how fast it's grown, where it's going next, and the importance of the international developer community.Your girlfriend is the gorgeous blondie Lola Taylor: hot, sweet, amazing at sex… And, when you come to her house you find out from whom has she learned everything: her stepmom. So, as could not be otherwise you decide to have a threesome with both of them. Enjoy this VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift & HTC Vive!Day one of Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, kicked off Tuesday morning.

But says the company did not expect "coordinated attacks" from networks of fake accounts.Lest you get the wrong idea, though, Zuckerberg says: "This is going to be for building real long-term relationships, not just hookups." Mark Zuckerberg, dressed in a long-sleeved blue T-shirt, is speaking passionately and confidently.He seems far more fluent and at ease than at his congressional testimony last month, even as he discusses much of the same subject. "In 2016 we were slow to identify Russian interference," Zuckerberg says.A user might post songs they're listening to on Spotify to their Instagram story, and their friends will then be able to click through to the song. Mark Zuckerberg ends on an almost defiant note, declaring to the crowds: "We will keep building!" "We need to keep this idea alive, and that is what we are all here at F8 to do together.So yes, this is an important moment and we need to do more to keep people safe and we will.But we also need to keep building and bringing the world closer together!Facebook is adding another string to its virtual-reality bow: Live events, under the umbrella Oculus Venues.These will include sports games, music concerts, and comedy nights. Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra talks about the Oculus Go release, saying it will launch with 1,000 apps, games, and experiences available in its apps tore.Facebook exec Chris Cox shares more detail on Facebook's new dating app.Users will have to opt in, their profiles aren't visible to their friends, and won't post to the Newsfeed or elsewhere.

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