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I know I'll want an anal vibrator eventually because it's both the fullness and the gentle movement that really gets me. I did a lot of digging and heavy lifting but I didn't want to overdo it knowing that we'd have the house to ourselves for sex last night. Sleep is never the same without an orgasm or more first. I scrubbed my grubby hands clean (how do they get so dirty with gloves on? I removed my clothes and got the hand mirror to look at my pussy under the guise of checking my IUD. The vibrator isn't going to follow me around like a penis or a hand to finish the job. The thought of having to stay still when I want to escape the intensity gets me turned on. The one I used many years ago had a photo of a 1950's housewife on the box. I close my eyes and lower my pussy onto my little buzzing friend, as if fucking on top but it's just me and the vibrator. Somewhere where I could talk about sex, our sex life, the changes I'm going through, without worrying about anyone's reaction or judgement. And it all seems so devoid of tenderness and proper lubrication. Not to say any of that isn't normal or good for others, but it's just not me.I can't believe I went this long without even thinking of trying anything anal. But I also went this long loving blowjobs but never thinking to go for the balls with my mouth! On the topic of blowjobs, according to the History of the Orgasm book, the word blowjob probably came from 'below job'. As a young woman I could never figure out where the actual 'blow' part fit in and worried that I was missing as a step! At the checkout stand at the grocery store today I noticed more magazine covers mentioning anal sex. In fact, let me fall asleep or die having sex, if there's a choice. She stood there with her 18" waist, apron tied tightly over her dress, tenderly placing the vibrator on her poor sore neck while stirring a pot on the stove. I was so confused by my raging sex drive that I really needed some sort of validation that I wasn't going nuts. This onslaught of lust and desire has been intriguing but startling at times. And six months ago I would have never ever imagined I would feel this way. And getting really knitty gritty sexual and free means doing exactly what I want to do. I don't find anything sexy in the 'ram it into the whore's ass' kind of talk. And I am underwhelmed by how our culture acknowledges female sexuality: that horrific and unfair gap between modesty and slutdom.I'd like to be a tester: keep trying those suckers until I find my prince. I think it's good to have a different dildo for every occasion. It requires some good firm action--a really wild orgasm to tame those cramps. Twice I thought I heard Caveman coming upstairs to join me. I'm just a babe in Anal Land so far and have much more to experience, but right now when I feel like having something in there for an orgasm, good heavens it's the greatest feeling. I went upstairs to change out of my sweaty clothes. My fingers are still very cold from the water bottle and they feel good. Now I can imagine myself doing that, making a woman slowly squirm and moan and gush and scream the way the Caveman does me. Between my times with him, and sex toys (not yet purchased! Once I found people describing similar situations, it gave me the encouragement to start this one.

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And many of the sexual fantasies I wrote about in earlier posts have faded out, replaced by the real stuff we do together. And of course, describe my female version of premature ejaculation or really, getting off way too fast.It's a desperate, sensual pulling feeling, like something has to be sucked right now. I'd want to take him right in my mouth and suck and roll my tongue around the tender spots, but he seemed to get off better if I kept to the tongue action around the shaft and head. I love it, LOVE IT, when his balls go really hard right as he's going to cum. But Caveman would say he'd get too sore if we go too long.Admittedly, the whole thing is a turn on for me, and not being able to have him deep in my mouth just cranked me up a little more. There's a racing feeling that goes clear up his dick as the sperm shoots out. He seemed to always want me to stop licking right then. And I suppose it's good to remember that I'm not just doing it for my own pleasure but for his too. I'm breathing much faster, dying to rock back and forth; have something fuck me really hard. I watch in the mirror to see the pussy muscles pressing downward, all the light pink bits glimmering with thick wetness. I think of the Caveman's spent cock sliding out of me. Saturday, June 04, 2005 I usually sit down and write here early in the morning before everyone wakes up and that morning shuffle begins. A new orgasm throws itself at me again in waves and my hips jerk up and down from the floor. I still feel my pussy pushing down, as if a cock had just sprayed its cum in there and the pussy wants to grab it back and have it again.He used to joke, Here's the best ten seconds you'll have all day. Between the stimulation of having my mouth on his penis and then seeing him cum, there was no way I was going to be touched without having an instant o. My pussy would be really swollen, the clit double in size. Once he just blew a little air on my clit from a few inches away and I came. I can't say if it would be the same from intercourse because we rarely screwed all those years.We fell into the blowjob for him, handgasm for me pattern and just did that. For some reason now that I'm a sex maniac with a relentless libido, I have better control over the orgasms.Each one said that straight couples with the woman doing anal penetration on the man is the big toy seller right now. I constantly have fantasies about being the guy or getting to do the guy things in sex. I've had a few emails from people telling me they love female penetration of the guy. I know there must be women who do talk about this stuff, I mean, I hear about sex toy and lingerie parties now and then, but it just hasn't been a part of my world so far. Look at this and see what two people who love each other can share together. But the most validating part of all has been my own experience.Women come in and buy strap-ons and vibes and dildos to use on their men. (Is there a proper name for it besides anal penetration when it's a female doing it for/to a male? Yesterday I was looking at the movie previews at Comstock Films. The more I surrender to the sensuality of the Caveman, the more pleasure I have.I can have several medium ones all in a row, within seconds of each other, like firecrackers going off.And I get to linger a good long time in the complete erotic pleasure of the build-up (usually while he's rapidly pressing on my g-spot, flirting with the clit). The one that makes me say ridiculously funny things with swear words mixed in and blurs my vision with stars and lights. Hello, my name is Housewyfe and I'm no longer a premature ejaculator.

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