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Below you'll find a sample login form that we'll talk through in detail.

Line 1: PFBC uses PHP sessions in the validation process, so you'll need to ensure you have session_start(); in your webpage - before outputting anything to the browser.

Any other files (elements, views, etc) will be autoloaded on-demand.

Line 5: In the Form class' constructor, a unique identifier is supplied - in this sample.

Line 21: The render method outputs the form's HTML, CSS, and javascript to the web browser.

Now that you've had a crash course in PFBC, go check out the example files that are included in the navigation above.

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The reference contains a brief description, and examples of use, for each function!

Another enhancement in version 3.x is the addition of 13 HTML5 elements, which you can check out in our HTML5 example.

HTML5 form elements and attributes improve your form's usability - especially on tablets and smartphones where data is entered with virtual keyboards.

You'll reference this same identifier in the validation process.

Lines 6-20: Fields are added to the form with the add Element method.

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