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Imagine, for example, a family taking a trip to the USA.

On other mobile networks, you’re likely to pay at least £1/minute for calling home to the UK.

This is because all UK mobile networks have been legally obliged to provide EU roaming at no extra cost since June 2017.

With Feel At Home, you’re able to use your normal UK allowances when travelling abroad.

You’ll be able to continue using your normal smartphone applications including social media, instant messaging and maps.

You’ll also be able to stay in touch with friends and family without the need to worry about how much your phone calls will cost.

In this article, we review the Feel At Home offer, including the countries it’s available in and the limitations of the deal.

On Three’s lower-cost Pay Monthly Essential price plans, customers will only have access to Feel At Home In Europe.

With the offer, customers travelling to one of 71 destinations can use their normal UK allowances at no extra charge.

This includes your UK minutes, texts and mobile internet.

The offer, when used in countries outside of Europe, is known as “Feel At World Around The World”.

When you’re visiting one of these destinations, the potential cost savings can be significant compared to other mobile networks.

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