Updating your ranch style home

(And we know the table can be pulled away from the wall and used as a dining table on those rare occasions when we need a dining room.) The Talking Room is one of our favorite parts of the house, but it was a little hard to imagine the first time we saw it.

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We’ve got many of our books here, and we’ve put in a big table for projects, puzzles, and playing games.

You can hardly see him, but that dark spot in the bottom left corner is Will, playing video games the morning after we moved.

Some split-level family rooms are dark and dank, but ours gets a lot of nice light from the wall of windows.

Our front yard isn’t particularly large, but it feels spacious because there’s a nice distance between our house and the neighbors on either side: We like our neighborhood so much better than many of the new neighborhoods we see, with houses all crammed together on postage-stamp lots, nothing much more than paint color to distinguish one from the other. But we see so much potential here, especially for people like us.

Our neighborhood has an organic, grown-over-time quality that we just don’t see in new developments. (Meaning, people with more energy than money, who like a good project and want to make a place their own.) Take a look at this home, which was on the market for less than a week before a “sale pending” sticker appeared on the realtor’s sign: This is a project house, for sure–but when we look at it we don’t so much see the dated color scheme and too-cute window boxes and boxy shape as we see that sweet bay window and space for kids and the trees framing three sides of the house.

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