Updating whois

Syncupdates supports PGP and MD5 passwords as authentication.

Syncupdates can be used by connecting to https://ripe.net/db-web-ui/#/syncupdates It accepts input as either a POST or a GET method.

Once you have sent your objects, the RIPE Database email robot will reply with a success or error message.

Please note that this may take some time because the RIPE NCC uses greylisting on its mail servers.

It is very important to keep the contact information for your domain name current and valid.It's possible to make changes to the RIPE Database by sending an email to , which can be used for a one-off update from your mail client or as an alternative way of scripting access.All you have to do is send your new or updated objects in an email body, along with the proper credentials.Required: When you update your Registrant info on a domain, this new process sends an email to: a.) the shopper email address, b.) the existing email address being replaced, and c.) the new email address for the Registrant contact.Either the shopper or the existing registrant email address AND the new registrant email address are required to approve the update.If you are starting out with managing objects in the RIPE Database, we recommend you use this method.Webupdates allows you to create and update objects line by line, with help text for each attribute, or you can switch to a text area giving you more editing flexibility.Here is an example of signing your new or updated RIPE Database objects with your PGP key and posting them via HTTPS from the Unix/Linux command line: The server will return the usual HTTP headers and the body with an acknowledgement or error message immediately.Please note that we also offer a web-based frontend for Syncupdates on the RIPE NCC website.Required: To make bulk updates to contact information for multiple domains at a time, you'll need to create a Preset Profile.Once you create the profile, you can add in all the domains whose contact information you want to change.

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