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But how do you know if they will do what they claim they will do?

Finally, I let the surface air dry a bit to be sure that it was completely dry.It was a foreclosure that the bank came in and fixed up a bit with new carpet and fresh peachy-beige paint on every square inch of the walls, making it clean and very livable.While the colors and fixtures are not aesthetically our taste, we have been able to take our time making it our own.Plus — a painted bathroom sink and countertop, no sealer required? Come learn from today’s holiday guest, Kelli, about how she used tub and tile paint to give her 90’s integral cultured marble sinks a completely new, modern look (and then keep reading for more ideas for how to update an integral sink and how to use tile refinishing paint) — Hey there, friends!I am so thrilled to be here with you at Remodelaholic! I write about all kinds of things over in my little corner of the internet.And while we had the faucets off of the counters, we might as well paint the counters like I’d been planning! And after painting the walls (Pantone Illusion Blue – Valspar) and the cabinet (Blue Coal – Valspar) and changing out the cabinet hardware, the counter was just screamin’ for a makeover.So let’s walk through the process of the painted bathroom sink and counter, shall we? Remove your faucet and any old caulk from the counter.The Rustoleum box recommends using a 4 inch roller with foam cover and a very fine bristled brush for the edges.First, I used the fine bristled brush to cut in around the edges of the counter. Giving yourself something else to look at takes some of the attention away from the tile and makes everything a little more modern. Okay, so your tile bath may only aspire to this kind of lighting or proportions, but you can still recreate the vintagey, hanging-photos look. You support us through our independently chosen links, many of which earn us a commission.If you're feeling a little more daring (and your landlord will let you), the next step to really working the old school tile is to paint your bathroom. The thing about the pink tile (or any other kind of vintage tile) is that it's so attention-getting.

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