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If you’re using the older POP3 protocol, however, those emails may only be stored on your device.Unless you know otherwise, you’re probably using IMAP or Exchange, though.The best solution may be using another email app if this is a problem for you.The Mail app on our i Phones and i Pads downloads and stores emails and attachments into i OS, which makes for easy searching and retrieval of past emails.Assuming you’re using IMAP or Exchange for your emails, you won’t actually lose any emails if you do this.They’ll still be stored on your email provider’s server, and you can access them by logging on from the web.

To clear your download cache, you’ll want to remove and re-add the email account from your i Phone after changing this setting.

Even if this wasn’t a problem, this would take a long time.

There’s also no way to delete an attachment from an email–you just have to delete the entire email. You can force your i Phone or i Pad’s Mail app to start over from scratch and discard all those offline copies of emails by removing your current email accounts and re-adding them.

Be sure you have the email account’s username, password, and server details before you do this!

If you don’t, you won’t be able to re-add the account afterwards.

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