Updating aol is for crap

I do not see the corporate culture shifting enough to change the methodologies employed for these upgrades. So here is what we can expect, something that could easily happen in the next few years: Instead of a simple reboot issue, a patch goes out that fries the machine dead.

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The objective is to not get a STATUS, but to understand the issues with the sale AND then formulate a response to them. Sales managers need to be maniacal in uncovering the issues obstructing a deal.

Someone high up liked the UI and feels hurt by the Windows 10 compromise.

But Microsoft has barely dodged a bullet with this cavalier upgrade process.

You would boot the AOL system and it would update the complete program whether you wanted to or not.

You would often end up with a whole new version and a completely different graphical user interface. Microsoft always held this as an ideal method for updates so it would not have to deal with the outrageous complexity of a world of half-patched versions of its OS in the wild.

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