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He could see the brown of the moors in the distance, but closer, a couple of fields away, the track disappeared under the eaves of the dense wood which filled the narrow valley and spilled over its top onto the land around it.

The thought that he really needed a new one flitted across his mind as he stepped out into a glorious early spring morning, but he liked this one, holes, stains and all.As a former paratrooper, the man was much more than that and his main job was the security of the farm.Inside the building from which he had appeared were two other men and the facilities to monitor an expensive and extensive system of low-light capable cameras scattered all over the farm. " called Sam, "I'll see you later, just doing my rounds for now."Jim raised his hand in acknowledgement and Sam gunned his engine again and turned a corner between two of the barn-like buildings down a narrow alley-like track that soon opened up into a grassy field clinging to the side of a steep valley.Sheep were born to die, he thought, so stupid were they, and it was perfectly possible one of them might take it into what passed for its brain to walk in front of him.Unfortunately the sheep were something of a necessary evil.Sam kept them for the sake of appearances as they made his farm appear more normal, more like those of his neighbours.He was well aware that dog breeding and training, even on the scale of his operations, required far less space than he possessed, a fact which would set tongues wagging and invite curiosity.Not only did he live in this beautiful place, but he was that rarest of creatures; a man who enjoyed what he did thoroughly and without reservation.Sam was a dog breeder and trainer, a man who had studied canines, their biology and behaviour and the shaping of it to his own ends since his youth.His breath smoked in the chilly air as he swung his leg over the saddle and keyed the ignition.The diesel stuttered into life and he gunned the engine several times to make sure of it, coughing a little as a cloud of blue smoke shot billowed from the exhaust before subsiding.

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