Ukraine profile people dating photo ua

The impersonator can be a male or a female, young or old.

So, you may be telling your stories and secret intimate fantasies to a pimple-faced Ukrainian guy, who is getting paid for every new message he can extract from you.

Usually the agent has no desire to buy a gift and deliver it to the girl; too much hassle.

So, normally when a girl registers with a PPL marriage agency, she is asked to make photos with all types of packages and flower bouquets, so that the agency can send these pictures as a “proof of delivery”, if a gift is ordered for her later. Fake brides describe in details the gift delivery scam: They go to florist shops to take photos with various bouquets of flowers, which are used by marriage agencies as ‘proof of delivery’.

In Ukraine, it’s public knowledge with TV shows and news programs reporting on it for years.

There is no large PPL website that has no fraud in it, period.If they want to allow access, I can guide industry outsiders to prove it. If you are a representative of a legitimate media outlet, feel free to leave a message below in the Comments section under this post.(Although I am pretty sure none of PPL sites will take the challenge.) Faked communication that is conducted only with the purpose of scamming innocent men for money exists on all PPL sites and comes from each and every one of their agents. Some Master PPL websites brag that they “partner” with 500 agents.But it is translators that perform the largest amount of work, creating individual and believable love tales for lonely foreign men.The name of the position is rather confusing though: ‘Translators’ don’t translate anything.Even if a woman is getting the gift, not just simply splitting the money with the agent, she is still obtaining a benefit from scamming unsuspecting men.She is not talking to the guys (a translator-impersonator does), but she is getting material benefit from it in the form of presents. It’s not much for you to pay 0 for a bunch of flowers, but in Ukraine people earn only 5/month on average. Women from Elenas Models work as teachers, nurses, medical doctors, earning less than the average wage, and still, they don’t do fraud.In fact, many large Master sites stopped accepting new agents a while ago, and the only way for an aspiring Internet fraudster to join the ranks of prosperous PPL scammers is to become a sub-agent under a top-level agent who is already working for a famous PPL site.When you are talking to women on PPL sites, you are most often communicating with a “translator” (impersonator), who pretends to be the woman from the photos.What’s the point of going to PPL sites to , to which you have agreed on registration, by the way), when you can do it openly on genuine dating portals that allow and encourage direct communication off the site?The reason is, most likely, that the type of women who write to you on PPL sites may be much more attractive (younger, prettier) than the ones who are happy to talk to you on legitimate Russian dating sites.

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