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Hafichuk is very clever not to disclose who his theological bedfellows are and the underlying beliefs that power his animosity toward evangelical and fundamental Christianity.

If one reviews his various articles at quickly determines that his innermost spiritual life is governed by several ideologies that most evangelical and fundamental Christians have little familiarity with:(2) A "restoration" of personal prophecy by way of these "apostles" and "prophets" producing what is called "present truth" or "what the Spirit is saying today" or what is commonly known as the "Signs and Wonders Movement or "The Third Wave".

his is the type of vile communication that is proceeding from one side of the mouths of Victor Hafichuk and Paul Cohen...while out of the other side they publicly claim to be "latter day prophets", perfect in their walk(click to see their statements below) and able to discern who is and isn't saved or walking correctly before God, giving forth what they call "righteous judgement".

It is one thing to attempt to correct error in a correspondent in a manner which is in love and compassion - it is another to assume an arrogant and judgmental position, claiming to have the Spirit of God..then talk this way. It has come to our attention at this date(7/16/06) that Victor Hafichuk and Paul Cohen have discontinued their Internet diatrabes with individuals who have corresponded with them, requesting advice, counsel or spiritual support.

Any number of correspondants with these two individuals have contacted us and thanked us for the following article - exposing Hafichuk and Cohen for the viscious and two-faced individuals that they have shown themselves to be.

Hafichuk and Cohen have never publicly disputed or denied the information presented below - primarily because such a denial would expose this posting to their entire mailing list - making things even worse for themselves that it already is.

I found my interaction with them most disturbing and abusive. We have seen similar "spiritual" activities in Guyana and in Waco, Texas with perhaps slightly different messages but with similar motivations and leadership.

Actually, the legalistic, sabbatical, judgmental and anti-denominational messages Koresh hammered into his Waco followers was quite similar to those from Hafichuk and Cohen..of course we know the eventual results in Texas. And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." In each of these cases, we have "last day prophets", springing up from separatistic Protestant or Pentacostal backgrounds, sequestering their "converts" spiritually and/or physically and driving them into a false theological corner from which there may be no return.

In turning out page after page of hateful correspondence to individuals who stumble innocently into his path, Hafichuk certainly commands an impressive knowledge of the Bible(although Satan himself knows the bible backward and forward as well); and anyone with a decent word processor and thematic bible search software can quite easily duplicate Hafichuk's and Cohen's expositions.Ninty-eight percent of rat poison is wholesome food. On the surface, it sounds good, logical and meets many of the spiritual tests one applies to validate theological soundness. I reached out to them for help and got blasted instead"Hafichuk's verbal minstrations cover everything from Amway to Christmas trees, and from masturbation to why Hitler will be in heaven and why Billy Graham and a host of other evangelical and fundamental Christian outreaches and soulwinning ministries are satanic.After you read the following, you can then determine, on your own, whether Hafichuk and Cohen are indeed the latter day "prophets" that they claim to be, if they are a "half a bubble off center" in their self-righteousness and over zealous efforts to judge others, or if they are being deceived by spirits sent by Satan to confuse and discourage those in committed Christian service whose sincere and dedicated efforts are to bring the gospel to the unsaved world."Thank you SO much for what you have written about Victor (Hafichuk) and Paul (Cohen). When these subjects are inserted into Hafichuk's Canadian mixmaster and bits and pieces of a half dozen of his theological bents are thrown in, and the mixmaster set to "frappe", the result is representative of what we see from a growing number of last days sects, cults and other fringe organizations determined to undermine both orthodox Christian beliefs as well as create discord and confusion for those who happen to sample the mixmaster's end product.With the encouragement of others who have firm Biblical foundations and who have been verbally trashed and abused by Hafichuk, we thus began our thinking about a public rebuttal of Hafichuk's scrambled theology.It is important to remember that in every deviation from orthodoxy, there is always a good bit of truth mixed in with a dose of error.clearly shows their diminished capacity to fully understand the Gospel of Christ and how one is to gently and compasionately replicate Jesus' example of sharing the Gospel and helping snatch the unsaved from the grasp of the devil. Victor Hafichuk of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada we will make an exception.Typically we do NOT give space to this website to discuss specific individuals. According to various church and religious leaders we have spoken to in that city, Lethbridge, Alberta, is a sect and cult-infested community and area, a breeding ground for such which has roots in Saskatechewan, Alberta and Vancouver BC for activity ranging from Neo-Pentacostalism to classical heresies such as Mormonism to sects and "Jim Jones and Koresh-prophet-style" leaders devoted to the subtle as well as overt undermining and destruction of orthodox Christian beliefs."MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? We can't possibly cover all of the topics of concern in this short memorandum, so we will concentrate on only a few illustrations of where Hafichuk's cart and horse have both gone into the ditch but more importantly, exposing the underlying theology that Hafichuck has carefully woven into and hidden in his responses and articles.Knowing this theological or spiritual background, you can then form your own opinion as to whether you would want to download any of Hafichuk's writings, much less show them to your kids, friends or neighbors.Where envying and strife are, there is confusion and every evil work.But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated".

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