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The three complement one another in character, and even though they work together at their own wellness center, they don't seem to fight 33 percent more than your average American couple.However, even trinogamous relationships have their seven-year itches, and things can get ugly between any lovers, no matter how many are involved.Soon Sam, charisma and energy to spare, gets an idea.Hey, wouldnt it be great to bring a woman into the relationship!? They spend the next seven years dating and looking for a woman they could both fall in love with who would agree to live in a trio relationship. The trio, as they are affectionately called, begin their journey.We began filming in August 1996, the night of Samanthas 30th birthday party.When I got home from the first night of filming my boyfriend at the time, and later husband David Friedson told me that the senate had passed the Defense of Marriage Act that day, defining marriage for purposes of federal law as the legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.Our hope with introducing this section is for audiences to have a place to speak directly to our characters and for people to share their stories, find information and have the opportunity to ask questions to a known relationship expert if desired.

We believe the real story starts when the end credits begin and people go home to talk about themselves, identity, family, love, and sexuality.

A Documentary Feature Running Time: 97 minutes Rating: Not Rated Trinogamous? After all, in this is one of those stories you WILL want to talk about.

In his early twenties, Sam Cagnina, the oldest son of a mafia hit man, meets Steven, a handsome 19-year old college student and they fall in love.

Three of Hearts explores this unique union as they negotiate their living arrangements, have children and open one of the hottest wellness centers in New York.

Of course you want to know about their families and their friends and, wed guess, about the sex.

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  1. The impossibly tall vision in the black sequined gown puts a hand on my shoulder. He wanted someone with confidence enough to follow through, and experience enough to tailor an encounter into something special, instead of regrettable. My dick would strain and yearn as I stared at his fist clenching, vise-like, around his thick shaft.