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There is a family of sayings that present a mordant judgment on this ideological evolution.

Dear Quote Investigator: Some individuals change their political orientation as they grow older.

Which is one of those yes and no conclusions dependent largely upon the sort of Socialist you happen to be.

Yet, the context indicated that Edmund Burke provided the inspiration for Batbie’s words.

The quote appeared as a freestanding short item under the title: “The truth in its proper use”: The late King Oscar II of Sweden is supposed to have said—or it may have been some one else: “If a man is not a Socialist at 20 be has no heart, but if he remains one at 30 he has no head.” What is your opinion?

Another new play of the week is called “Before You’re 25,” based on some observing cynic’s remark that before you are 25 if you are not a Socialist you have no heart and after you’re 25 if you are a Socialist you have no head.

The versions of the expression using the words “socialist” and “liberal” were almost certainly derived directly or indirectly from the statement that was in circulation by 1875.

The support for ascriptions other than Anselme Batbie is weaker because it is typically later and/or indirect.

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