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If we have a test that has to kick off an asynchronous task, whether it runs in another thread or in the main thread’s runloop, how do we test it? We kick off a web request and pass in a completion block, then make our test assertions, either in the completion handler or not.However, because the web request hasn’t even been made yet, much less a response received nor has our completion block been called, our test method is going to exit before the assertions are ever tested.Before Xcode 6’s version of XCTest, just using what comes in the tin with Xcode, we could sit and spin in a while loop that calls the main thread’s run loop until the response arrives or some timeout period has elapsed. The while loop runs the main thread’s run loop for 10 milliseconds at a time until the response arrives, or until 5 seconds elapses without it having arrived. When we instantiate a test expectation, the testing framework , then all of the test’s expectations will have been fulfilled.If not, then the test will live a sad, lonely, unfulfilled existence… And by living a sad, lonely, unfulfilled existence, I mean that the expectation fails the test upon timing out. Remember that a failing result is not the sign of a bad test; an indeterminate result is.And of course, they inquired as to which accent (other than their own) do people find the sexiest. The British accent, something that we assume can be attributed to the likes of James Bond, Idris Elba (who hopefully will be James Bond) and David Beckham, among other sexy Anglophiles.In past surveys by other publications, places ranging from Ireland to France have taken the top spot, leading us to wonder .. While American accents came in second place, Canada was nowhere to be found on the survey, so we're just going to go ahead and assume people think we sound the same as Americans and claim that silver medal.Instead, we’d stub out the requests using some tool (I’m partial to OHHTTPStubs).But for the purposes of these examples, we’ll break some rules and make real web requests.

The old framework hadn’t been updated in years, and a number of third-party testing tools and frameworks had sprung up to provide new features and capabilities.On the surf line you’ll see huge schools of anchovy baitfish.” Yuasa also recommends anglers fish the “June Hog” king salmon fishery on the Columbia from the Astoria-Megler Bridge up to the Hwy.395 bridge, which should be open from June 16 through July 31.Let’s look at a test for a class that downloads web pages.Normally, we wouldn’t want to make actual web requests in tests.What is it, exactly, about hearing words you already know oh-so-well said in a different accent that makes them so damn sexy?Unless you're completely immune to the charms of a rolled R or a drawled y'all, you know there are certain accents that will just make you swoon, especially when they're whispering sweet little nothings in your ear.However, the test code below is never going to fail.The test method will return without giving the completion Handler block a chance to be called. It is not the end of the software development world—but it’s not great. With Xcode 6, Apple has added test expectations to the XCTest framework in the form of the XCTest Expectation class.The United States placed second, with 8.7% of respondents voting that American was their favorite accent. Here's the full list: French, the language of love, placed a measly fifth; however, Frenchmen might prefer to cite the findings of a survey from 2013, which found that French was the world's sexiest language. 4, respeectively, meaning English-speaking languages rounded out the top four spots.

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