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The accompanists (there is still the wonderful tradition of live piano at Westside, which has a pre-professional program as well as adult) keep a close eye on Tiler as she sets the tempo. They have roses in their cheeks and though I can sense the competitiveness, it is not yet the unruly mess of where girls give each other drugs and drive each other crazy with jealousy. "If you get too skinny -- or too thick -- they speak to you." When she orders a giant strawberry smoothie and a health bar and then gulps it down, I feel like she could be any Young Woman USA.Yes, there are buns but there are also "buns." Good deal.Tiler reminds me her mother also owned a dance studio and her father was a football coach so teaching is in her blood, she taught her first classes at 11.Robbie's older sister Megan is also a NYCB principal so he too has dance in his blood.Robbie Fairchild and Tiler Peck were one couple who didn't need to practice their first dance for their wedding day.The two principal dancers in the New York City ballet first met in 2001, at ages 13 and 11, in jazz dance class.People see through that." "Paul Mc Cartney, fashion designers, bring in a totally different crowd, Tiler adds, "it's cross culture...

Sitting in a directors chair in (Studio 6) at Westside Ballet in Los Angeles it's hard to believe Tiler Peck: --has just gotten married; --returned from a honeymoon in Bora Bora where according to her new husband and colleague Robert Fairchild they went off the grid and "only turned the phone on once to speak to our mothers and once to check on the style section story on their wedding"; --danced a weekend full of work at Jacob's Pillow; --is now in LA teaching a three-day workshop at Westside; --will then be en route to Vail where she and Robbie will perform in Damian Woetzel's Vaildance festival.She looks unfazed after a sleepless night of travel, not much older then the couple of dozen blue letotarded (advanced intermediate) and black leotarded (advanced) ballet students in this, the first class of the workshop.She is unfailingly gracious to the students, not just favoring the most promising dancers but also correcting and coaxing those not quite up to professional level (which is most of them).While Fairchild is on vacation, Peck will play the role at the following performances: March 3 at 7pm, March 4 at 2pm and 8pm, March 14 at 2pm and 8pm, and March 15 at 3pm.In addition to Fairchild, On the Town stars Tony Yazbeck, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Clyde Alves, Alysha Umphress, Elizabeth Stanley, Jackie Hoffman, Michael Rupert, Allison Guinn, Phillip Boykin and Stephen De Rosa.Despite their uniforms and Tiler's egalitarian treatment, you can see the budding stars even at 12 or 13.They are gifted with the naturally long-legged, short-torsoed bodies that Balanchine also favored -- and generally a lovely face."I love California, she insists, "had there been a really great dance company here I would have just stayed here.It's hard to get people [in LA] to go to see live theater and live dance especially ballet. The fact that Benjamin's Company (LA Dance Project) and LA Ballet have lasted, I feel like that's a good start, but I wish it was something that had more of a foundation here." Now, Tiler and Robbie tell me, Janie Taylor, Sebastien Marcovici, and Jennifer Ringer, recently of the NYCB are all in California. But how does teaching compare to dancing when they are still in the prime of their careers?Love-struck sailor Gabey will have his eye on new Miss Turnstiles this March.New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck is stepping into the role of Ivy Smith in On the Town for six performances only.

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