Teenage daughter dating loser

It was my friend (now my husband) who made me see not my parents.I look back and feel awful of what I put my parents through.

I work with people everyday who come in wanting to change someone else.

Especially at her age, she will have to choose her life choices. Hi C., Unfortunately there are two things we don't bank on when we are raising our beautiful children. If this is her direction, she will need your love as always and your support.....in her career choices and her mate. I don't know if you two are Oprah fans, but Oprah's latest book is suppose to be a real life changer! This book could really help your daughter find her true purpose and gain some confidence in her self and find out that she doesn't need to be with losers to feel better. SS Has she asked the question, "Am I dating to date, or dating for marriage? Keep it up no matter how tuff it may be at times Hi, I think you have to be really careful, delicate and back off a bit.

We as moms can influence our kids by example and loving advice. 1.) that they rarely turn out the way we thought they would and 2.) we may not be happy with their choice of mates. Once we realize that they are who they are and not much different than they ever were we can continue to love them unconditionally as who they turned out to be. I know you will be there for her...I know you think she is a very bright and competent person. So let's think about what would happen if we stood back and let her make her own decisions and just took on the roll of supporter instead of life coach. Maybe you both can sign up for her live work shop thats starting on Monday night on the internet. " I am so thrilled that you have a close relationship with her. This boy whom she is dating sounds like someone she should run away FROM as fast as her legs can carry her. I'd also suggest to her that she take a break from this guy to gain a little perspective. Went through the same thing as you daughter only I was a bit younger. She is in counselling and you are praying so those seem to be great steps in the right direction.

Counciling is a great beginning for your daughter to explore and grow in her own need to change. It is not uncommon for caring persons, especially those in the caring professions like nursing ,social work etc. I wouldn't change aything I went through with the string of losers because honestly, the experiences taught me alot about myself and what I was capable of.

As a mother, being as loving and supportive as you can,(pray a lot) is all you can do. to select mates who make them feel needed and important. Hi C., It sounds like your daughter needs a self esteem boost! You sound like an amazingly supportive mom.........

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