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"We got told to be very open minded though and you couldn't just turn your light off because someone wasn't your usual type or was a bit short or whatever.You were only meant to turn your light off if there was a real reason so that was quite hard." Oh yes, those dance moves and lift moves are PLANNED beforehand! You LIED to us, Paddy Mc Guinness - the Isle of Fernando's is actually plain old Tenerife.Take Me Out is like a front row seat to the awkward moment when a guy walks up to a woman at a bar. He’s the perfect modern matchmaker.” One of the hottest comedians in the world, the 27-year-old has hosted big television events including the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and Just For Laughs.In the world of stand-up, Creasey has sold out tours across Australia, the UK, Asia and the USA.Men and women have different holding areas, filled with magazines, snacks, and Wi-Fi, to keep them relaxed before the show kicks off.This is, again, to ensure they NEVER see each other before the show.

) before they come down in that lift, the show uses stand-ins to pretend to be the man.

It will ask you about nicknames, your achievements, your body specs, and whether or not any of your family members are single. You go to an audition, then fill in another form, then take part in a five-minute interview (with Paddy and the producers), and take part in a mini-version of the show.

You usually get sent another questionnaire and THEN you'll find out if you've made the cut. Yup, Paddy's banter with the ladies IS real - he tends to spend time with them to a) ease their nerves, and b) gauge their personalities.

The girls are expected to stand behind their podiums for the majority of the day, but Paddy is reportedly only on set for ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

There are eight dressing rooms, so three or four girls will tend to share a dressing room - which makes for a lot of fun and friendships!

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