Sql server intellisense not updating

If your Intelli Sense is turned off, follow the steps below to turn it on. They have included many good tools to increase productivity and make daily programming easy in SQL Server.

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I installed SQL Server Management Studio 2014 on my Windows 10 client computer. Suppose I'm typing The moment I type the period, I expect Intelli Sense to list the available tables, as it always does.

At first, everything seemed to be going great, until I noticed that Intelli Sense is intermittent. So by intermittent I mean that sometimes I see the list of tables, and sometimes I don't.

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You can download SSMS 2016 from https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt238290

I've personally found Intelli Sense to work more reliably with SSMS 2016 than what I was used to with 2014, especially when working over slower or less reliable network connections.

It keeps track of your code syntax simultaneously as you keep programming. Expand the Text Editor, and then expand Transact-SQL. Click on Intelli Sense, and check Enable Intelli Sense, Underline errors, Outline statements. The most widely used tools are Red gate’s SQL Prompt and Devart’s SQL Complete.

Intelli Sense only supports SQL Server 2008 (2k8) and later editions. Though these are very costly, you can go for freeware Apex tools.

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