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Manufacturers sprung up overnight and disappeared just as quickly the next day. The tubing sizes and frame angles suggest that it was a mid-level racing bike bike from the 1920s. The 1890’s, just like the 1990’s, was a boom period for bicycles and for the companies that made them. This is an awesome and unusual racing bike from Australia.

In 1910, Belgian bicycle builder Emil Wastyn emigrated to America.

Track racers Cecil Yates, Alf Le Tourneur, Jimmy Walthour, Jerry Rodman, and Al Crossley all rode a Wastyn.

In 1941, Alf Letourneur piloted his Wastyn-made Paramount to a motor-paced speed of 108.92mph, breaking Frank Bartell’s six year old record in the process. Up on the head lug we have a knob that tightens down on the steerer tube of the fork, damping the steering response.

Unlike a hot rod, this bike has the old engine and suspension but a new body.

It’s a remake of a more “historic” bike, and a true classic itself.

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