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If you were born in the early nineteenth century, you were in for a big surprise: by 1900, the world you had grown up in was gone for good.How had the enthusiasm for speed transformed the Victorians' world?While still functional, Engelbart’s design had the downside of making it so one wheel was always at least partially being scraped along the surface of the desk. Engelbart developed what is the direct ancestor of the modern mouse in the 1960s as part of an ongoing project to discover the most efficient way to interact with a computer.

(You can watch highlights of this phenomenal time capsule of a presentation here.) Before the presentation, some who’d heard of what Engelbart was working on had dubbed him a “crackpot”.Beyond that it wasn’t Benjamin’s device that gave birth to the modern mouse, rather than having the desk or whatever object move the ball via friction as one moves the mechanical mouse, in Benjamin’s device, your hand simply directly moved the ball itself, with the top of the device exposing said ball- essentially it was a large, upside down, stationary mechanical mouse.Although Benjamin’s device was more precise than a joystick, it was never widely implemented and the continued to be controlled by said joystick.One such individual was famed computer scientist Andries van Dam, who furiously berated Engelbart after the presentation, stating, “It’s irresponsible and unethical for you to show something you put together for a demo and pretend it actually works!” To which Engelbart stated, “No, I told him, it’s real.Three engineers working for Ferranti, Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor, came up with the idea of using a ball housed in a casing that remained in constant contact with four wheels positioned around it.When the ball was rolled in a given direction, the movement of the wheels would be translated to corresponding cursor movements on the screen- essentially this was a four-wheeled version of Benjamin’s device.They switched it to the top to get around one’s arm getting tangled in the cord all the time.) At the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco on December 9, 1968, Engelbart presented this mouse to over a thousand computer engineers in one of the most influential computing presentations of all time, later dubbed the .Besides the mouse, Engelbart and his colleagues also demonstrated in one system a number of revolutionary concepts that are now a staple of modern computing, including hypertext, video conferencing via a high speed modem, shared screens via a network (where control could be passed back and forth), a form of windowed computing, word processing, real time digital text editing with multiple people able to edit files at the same time (with revision control), and several other forms of networked collaboration.Five or six of us were involved in these tests, but no one can remember who started calling it a mouse.I’m surprised the name stuck.” (Engelbart later explained it was called a mouse due to the fact that initially they had the wire come out of the bottom like a little tail.

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