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Yes, Hardesty would be a powerful representative for both the African American community and women of color—but she would also be the vocal advocate for meaningful police accountability that’s desperately needed in city hall. She served as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives between 19, a role that propelled her into community advocacy as the Director of Oregon Action (now Unite Oregon) and the NAACP.She’s become one of Portland’s top advocates for reform and transparency within the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), with a particular, much-needed focus on officers’ interactions with people of color and those with mental illness.(Hardesty proposed a kind of “speed dating” program where prospective renters and homeowners can meet and see if its a good fit.) Besides Hardesty, we heard from a strong group of candidates who are vying to claim the seat that City Commissioner Dan Saltzman is vacating after a 20-year run.Our runner-up is Andrea Valderrama, who currently works as a policy advisor to Mayor Wheeler.

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It was at the old town hall where, on November 9, 1938 Joseph Goebbels gave his infamous speech initiating the infamous nationwide Kristallnacht pogroms.

Cynics might think that this gives desperadoes (men) the opportunity to play the percentages and pick everyone and they'd almost be right.

According to highly respected statistics ok Wikipedia's the average man receives 34% interest, while the average woman receives 49%.

She’s specifically pointed to the bureau’s Gang Enforcement Team—a group of cops who try to sniff out gang members using methods that have been deemed racially biased—for being a massive waste of time that could be better used manning understaffed 911 lines.

Hardesty has also pointed to April’s fatal shooting of John Elifritz, a man in an apparent mental health crisis who was cornered by police in a homeless shelter, as a clear example of what PPB’s doing wrong.

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