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If she doesn’t stop this shit now, I’ll fuck her right here.” I wanted to rape that bitch right there, that exact moment.

I wish I could rip off all of her clothes except the red mesh-stockings.

The white blouse was opening her cleavage all the way down to her F-cups…I asked the slut: - “What are you doing here, senorina? Than I stuck my dick inside her again…and oh, heaven! My teacher was moaning as if an atomic bomb exploded in her puss… As soon as her hands touched my balls I got hard again. Than she put her hands on her tits and my dick was already tit-fucking her… (By the way she was still in her skirt and mesh stockings) I took off her skirt but pulled back the stockings up on her ass.

” - “I think I must ask you, what you are doing here, Ricardo? ” - “I let them go home…It’s too hot to sit at class. I remembered her ankles and wished to fuck them as well. Oh, I was so close to ejaculate…but she felt it and took back her feet. I put them back on to rip them off- one whole on her pussy, and the rest of her ass was still tightly covered in her red mesh stockings!

On the left side she had writing “I LIKE TO FUCK” and a dick with balls. Frankly, I was thinking in English: “I’ve never seen such a filthy sexy white whore!

On the right ankle she was supposed to have a pink tattoo of her pussy. Doesn’t she know her fucking ankles are so seductive and make me wanna fuck her?

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I wanted to massage my dick against her tits and finally stick inside her pussy my 12 inches.She started slipping down from an orgasm she was getting. And as soon as I started cuming she fell on the floor so that my sperm shot on her ass. For a couple of minutes I sat there looking at that slut thinking what could I do about my turn on? I asked her if I could go to the bathroom and the bitch let me go. I decided to go for a walk and get a soda in the shop. There was half an hour left until the end of the class. It was the end of spring-semester and I already knew I had the best grade in class. It was nice and chilly in there, thanks to the air-cons.On the way to the door I looked at amazing ankles of the girl of high breeding. My dick was still hard while I was walking down the alley. You can probably tell I learned English quite well by reading my story. I went to the language section and started looking for the English-Italian dictionaries. Take off your clothes.” I started taking off my shirt and that slut was unzipping my jeans.Most of all I miss food, opera and of course the most beautiful and lovable women on this planet- Italian women.This story happened to me during my freshman year in university.They want the same as you want - some hot sexy chat action!Our web girls won't disappoint you as they are relaxed about freely expressing their naughty, erotic side to a willing audience - you! Cam Contacts home alone chat girls want to get you off as much as they want to get off!I would have done it if not the fuckin awareness of the fact that I would have to go to jail for that.Actually I could go to the toilet and jerk myself off, but than I would’ve not been looking at those sexy delicious ankles. Back then, I didn’t have one of those cool mobiles with a camera, nor a digital camera on me…

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