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If his show at the Great Exhibition is meagre, he nevertheless beats all creation in his threshing-machines, his steamers, and yachts.

John Bull don’t like this from his rebellious son, but he chuckles at his being HIS son, after all.

Prominence of Christopher Colt Link through Google Books to a history of dentistry, by James Wynbrandt, in which Samuel Colt, as “Dr. Coult of Calcutta, London and New York,” played a role. Inhalants History Link to a Library of Congress daguerreotype showing the old U. Image of American Institute, New York City From the ; July 29th 1881; volume XLI; issue no. In the left foreground, the Colt factory complex, and Armsmear.

Reference is made specifically to a Nitrous Oxide public appearance in Portland, Maine, on October 13th 1832. Coult] will attend, on reasonable terms, to any applications for private Exhibitions to select parties of Ladies and Gentlemen…” Google Books History of Dentistry The following link, via Google, includes references to Samuel Colt, as well as to a Gardner Quincy Colton, known to have administered Nitrous Oxide/laughing gas, suggesting that Dr. 176; page: 4; New Haven, Connecticut, a brief article on a lawsuit. From the Connecticut Digital Archive, University of Connecticut.

But little did I then dream that in 1851 I should be in Italy, a sculptor, and fully employed.

Powers and Coult, that when an accidental explosion of chemicals blew up the spectators as if a torpedo had ignited under them, a sailor, who had been amazed at a good many of their previous tricks, thought this catastrophe also only a part of the show, and when he began to recover his senses, cried out, with an oath, to a comrade, “I wonder, Jack, what in the world they’ll do next!Demolished in 1928, photographs are presented in the link as follows.Albion Hotel, Manchester Piccadilly Gardens & Pavilion, Manchester Colt returned to London from Ostend, January 10th, 1852. Cast-Iron Architecture in America: The Significance of James Bogardus Cast-Iron Architecture in America: The Significance of James Bogardus Printmaker for a contemporary engraving of the Christian Schussele (1824-79) Read More About John Sartain, Printmaker The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd., has produced the above site, with extensive detail on a family identified as “one of the most illustrious and influential families in the history of art in the United States.As artists, printmakers, and educators, the Sartains played a central part in Philadelphia’s and America’s art community.” Link to reference work with details on the Sartains, The article is entitled “Capital Craftsman: John Skirving in Washington,” by David S.One of them you shall see one of these days, for it embraces much of your own art. It is not yet complete, but will be in a few months.Jonathan is indeed taking a stand among the nations of the ‘arth.I have not forgotten my old mechanical pursuits, [he alludes to various contrivances in Cincinnati, the chief of which, styled the Infernal Regions, horrified thousands of visitors at the Museum,] and I have a shop even here, – a turning-lathe, forge, &c., and I spend much of my leisure time in this way.I have invented several improvements in working marble and plaster of Paris.1867 print by Prescott & White, showing various buildings, including “at the right may be part of Sharp’s Rifle Factory.” Photograph of “Factories Beside the Park River” An obituary of Richard W. From microfilmed passenger and immigration lists, data on Samuel Colt returning to New York, 1850: Name: Saml Colt Arrival Date: Age: 36 Gender: M (Male) Port of Arrival: New York Port of Departure: Liverpool Place of Origin: United States of America Ship: Canada Family Identification: 3087497 [Source data: Microfilm Serial Number: M237; Microfilm Roll Number: 86.] Colt goes to Belgium, perhaps other areas of the Continent, late in 1851.Before departing to Ostend, Colt attended a dinner at the Albion Hotel, Piccadilly, at the corner of Oldham Street, Manchester, in Northern England.

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