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Marzen committed numerous violations of the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct by engaging in a sexual relationship with a client, disclosing client confidences to the public, and making a misrepresentation to a judge. In September 2006, a complaint was filed against Marzen with the disciplinary board. One witness, John Steiert, testified Marzen admitted in his presence during a confrontation at Doe's apartment and at a later meeting with Marzen and Doe at Marzen's law office to a sexual relationship with Doe. The Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board alleged Jesse M. He was admitted to the practice of law in 2004 after graduating from St. He practiced law in Charles City and is currently the Floyd County Attorney. The board called several witnesses at the hearing in support of the testimony of Doe.Marzen was a candidate for the position of Floyd County Attorney at the time the complaints were filed. Amanda had stopped by the house unannounced when she observed Doe and Marzen walking out of the bedroom.News of the allegations against Marzen and of a potential investigation by the disciplinary board quickly spread throughout the immediate community and beyond and was highly publicized by the local and surrounding media. The situation was momentarily uncomfortable for Amanda, and Doe hastily offered a reason for her presence in the bedroom with Marzen. Sutton of Sutton Law Office, Charles City, for appellee. Doe testified she engaged in sexual intercourse with Marzen on four additional occasions-once more in Marzen's home, once in the home where she was residing, once in an automobile driven by Marzen and once at Marzen's law office. The car sex described by Doe occurred when the two drove to a storage facility in Osage under the auspices that it was necessary to examine the contents of a storage unit.

On that day at approximately p.m., two kayakers discovered Evelyn’s body in the Cedar River between Charles City and Floyd.Charles City, IOWA --- Today, agents with the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office charged 33 year old Casey Fredericksen in the 2005 death of five-year-old Evelyn Miller.Frederiksen is charged with Murder in the First Degree and Sexual Abuse in the First Degree. On July 1, 2005, Noel Miller, Evelyn’s mother, reported to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office that her daughter was missing.It found the board proved Marzen revealed confidential information to the media without the consent of Doe, as alleged in Count III. He further disputed the accuracy of Doe's description of the house, claiming her drawing was not even close to depicting the actual layout of his residence.The commission recommended Marzen be suspended for a period of three months. We review attorney disciplinary proceedings de novo. With respect to the physical description of his body, Marzen claimed he had more than ten moles on his back, which Doe failed to mention, as well as a mole on the lower portion of his abdomen that Doe should have mentioned if her descriptions of their sex acts were truthful.Details surrounding the condition of Evelyn’s body were never disclosed to the victim’s family or the public.Over the course of several years, investigators continued to receive information and evidence suggesting Frederiksen was involved in the murder of Evelyn Miller.For additional questions, please contact DCI Assistant Director Chari Paulson at 515-971-4733. The grievance commission found there was insufficient evidence of an ethical violation on the charges of a sexual relationship with a client and a misrepresentation to a judge, but found Marzen violated disciplinary rules by disclosing client confidences. It was filed by a woman named “Jane Doe.” She alleged Marzen engaged in a sexual relationship with her after representing her in a mental health commitment hearing. Another witness, Amanda Knapp, testified she observed Marzen and Doe emerge from a bedroom in the house where Doe was living following her release from the hospitalization commitment.The Iowa Supreme Court overturned that decision after Lindaman served as his own attorney and the court said that that should not have been allowed. A trial date is now set in Cerro Gordo County District Court. Charles City, IA – The Floyd County Medical Center had recently requested financial support from Floyd County.A good majority of county hospitals in Iowa do receive assistance from their counties, but Floyd County has [ More ] Cerro Gordo County, IA – The Doug Lindaman sexual abuse case took yet another turn on Friday when it was determined that he had tampered with the jurors or witnesses.

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