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She was recently elected to the board of trustees of the North Dakota Psychological Association.

Youth in our Moderate Intensity program must be residents of WCRJC and groups are provided at the Detention Center.The treatment format is group therapy which meets weekly for two hours.It is designed to meet the requirements for domestic violence treatment set forth by the state statutes of Minnesota and North Dakota.In place of maladaptive beliefs, emphasis is placed on learning respect, trust and support, shared parenting, honesty and accountability, economic partnership and negotiation.With regard to domestic violence treatment and assessment, BPS consults with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, North Dakota Parole and Probation, Minnesota Parole and Probation, Cass County (ND) District court and States Attorneys Office, Clay County (MN) District court and County Attorneys Office, Minnesota and North Dakota Victims Advocacy, the Fargo and Moorhead Police Departments, and the Cass County (ND) and Clay County (MN) Sheriffs Departments.× School violence assessments are conducted with children and adolescents who have made direct or indirect threats against school faculty or other students.The purpose of this assessment is to identify the degree of risk that the student poses to carry out the threatened violence and additionally to provide recommendations to the school and the students family about how to respond to the threat.The primary focus is based on understanding domestic violence as a way of gaining power and control over a partner.Treatment success hinges on changing the belief system from one that uses physical violence, emotional abuse, minimization, economic abuse, intimidation, isolation, male privilege and/or coercion and threats to gain power and control.Referrals for Domestic Violence Assessment go through a clinical interview and are required to complete questionnaires and assessment instruments about intimate partner violence and their use of anger.The evaluator also reviews relevant court documents.

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