Seeing someone you know on a dating site icp dating game song album

This guy was the good friend of one of my neighbors.

If it's someone I've seen around but never talk to I ignore. I also saw that a distant friend (more of an acquaintance now I suppose) visited my profile which felt kind of weird. On Tinder this last year I swear I saw almost every single guy I know in the area. He sent me a message that he was let go (from bagging groceries!

We couldn't remember his profile name so we did a search using all the details we could remember from the night before.

A few pages of guys came up including the face of another acquaintance.

Being how common online dating has become worldwide I'm assuming many people on here would have come across someone they know in person on OKCupid (or another dating site)?

Do you have any rules to how you would interact with these people, as in do you send them a friendly message ignore them, or try to date them?

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