Sediment dating isotope techniques

Temperature is an important quality in daily life, science and industry.

Just about all processes depend on temperature because heat makes molecules move or vibrate faster, resulting in faster chemical reactions. When substances are cold, the processes within proceed more slowly, as in chilled or frozen foods.

At maximum temperature the furthest needle will stay behind, attracted by the metal backing plate.

The Six's thermometer has the advantages and disadvantages of both mercury and alcohol thermometers.

The larger the bulb and the smaller the capillary, the more sensitive the instrument becomes.

Medical mercury thermometers are capable of measuring to tenth of a degree Celsius.

The whole fear for greenhouse global warming is based on actual temperature measurements all over the world, because these would confirm whether computer model projections are right.

Not just today's record is important, but also that of historic times, to show that temperatures began to rise critically with the combustion of fossil fuels.

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