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To: the children of my brother Adam Mc Kee, ” I will 0 this being the sum of his I lost during the Revolution.” Executors: “My nephews”, Robert and Thomas Witherspoon and John Shaw, brother [sic.] Witnesses: John Mc Clary, Hugh Wilson, Robert T. One of the histories of Williamsburg County shows Elizabeth Mc Clary and John White to be grandchildren of Joseph Mc Kee. In any event somebody taught Adam to write and his penmanship was so precise that we know he had a good teacher . And hath such shape and marked trees as appears by the above delineated plat. His son, Adam Mc KEE was in 0ld 96 District by 1777 when he was recorded as being on jury duty. (married Eleanor Breckenridge), Jean (married a Lindsay), Eliezer, John (married Margaret Cunningham), Mary, and William Seth (married Mary Freeman Mc Kay). Indians came down the trail to purchase hatchets, guns and trinkets from merchants in Charles Town.

She was the daughter of John Witherspoon and Janette Witherspoon. Notes for Archibald Mc Kee: From Wayne Adams In Craven Co, SC by [300A land grant plus lot in Kingstree] sources include Royal Land Grants, Charleston Colonial Wills, The History of Williamsburg Co, and Beatrice MACKEY DOUGHTIE’s “The MACKEYs and Allied Families”. 679-685 Archibald Mc Kee was one of the early settlers of Williamsburg Co. mentioned in the Witherspoon Chronicles which wiped out nearly half the settlement. We could stretch things a bit and assume an Archibald Adam or Adam Archibald but it still does not fit. The fascinating common denominator is that each of these SC Mc KEE families can be linked with one or more Archibalds.

=== It is quite possible or even likely that Archibald’s first wife died in 1749 during the epidemic known as “the Great Mortality”.

That Ann was younger than Joseph so could not possibly be his mother–in fact she married Joseph and he was not “his own grandpa”.

Archibald’s link to Archibald Sr is circumstantual so should be viewed with caution.

Archibald Mc Kee, son, residing in Tippah County, Mississippi 4. Marriage Notes for Archibald Mc Kee and Unknown: ..

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