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This website will go to any length to deceive people and using phony instant messages and fake emails from paid employees is just their version of drumming up business.

First we found out that XCheaters is involved in the creation of dating profiles that they then use on their site.Hi, I was a member of this forum and an avid scambaiter many years ago. I now help edit a political blog - I won't mention which one here for security reasons but am happy to disclose it in PMs. This site is running the same tactics as other dating sites running scams such as creating fake profiles to get men to sign up to their dating sites.The profile we created is 100% empty, this includes no photographs in the profile and no personal information.You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us?These profiles are not real and are used for marketing purposes.Some of the "marketing purposes" that these dating profiles are used for include making it appear as if they "liked" you.It starts to become clear why we are receiving these fake likes from nonexistent women. If you don't know any better you may have thought you hit the gold mine but of course it's a scam.The site is involved in a scheme to trick men into upgrading to communicate with nonexistent women so they can make money off of your ignorance. Trying to communicate back to any of these emails will all send you to the upgrade page to purchase a .95 membership.If I run a VPN on my host machine, will the lad have any way of telling what my real IP is while connected to my VM? I don't want them to have any way to identify me or my ne..........

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