Saxophone dating updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d

YTS 23A) but this would only appear on the box, for warehouse purposes, not on the horn.Thus older horns could go out before those made in a now new location.

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On mine I'm going with Japan and I'm sticking to it. Was a purple logo horn with engraving, but I've had the lacquer stripped, so the logo is no longer.It's a great playing soprano and I should play it more, but I think we all know how that goes!John Current setups: Yamaha YSS-875EX, Selmer Air Flow D, Ishimori lig, Hemke 3.5 Yamaha YAS-875EXS, Selmer Air Flow C*, Ishimori lig, Hemke 3.5 Yamaha YTS-875, Rousseau NC4, Ishimori lig, Hemke 3.5 Kessler Solist Bari, Selmer Air Flow C*, BG Tradition lig, Vandoren 3 After seeing this thread and another dealing with the previously unknown to me plant in Grand Rapids, MI, I was astonished to think my daughter's YAS 52 "purple logo" (on semi-permanent loan until I die) was "made" in the US.His guess was early 80s, my daughter and I deduced that we bought it in about 1988.And, "made in Japan, assembled in Japan, as only student and intermediate models were assembled in Michigan! " "Well, way back then the 52 was equivalent to almost all other maker's pro horn at the time, and, we don't field very many questions about the 52". To invoke my favorite saying developed during thirty year of used car selling--"It is what it is!For more information about Yamaha saxophones, please visit Thanks again, Elaine Cutting Yamaha I submitted info on my YSS-62 for your database.An "A" suffix a bit to the right of the serial number seemed to denote "America".A call to the number I saw on SOTW, for the American Yamaha guys in Anneheim, 714-522-9011, works if you select a non-listed option of "0" as the long menu curiously doesn't have a Band and Orchestra prompt.In case anyone here is interested: Purchased new in 1982 from (I believe.....hey, it's been a LONG time! It's the earliest serial # YSS-62 that I've ever seen (2905).Was a purple logo horn with engraving, but I've had the lacquer stripped, so the logo is no longer.

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