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"Sarah's family, friends and work colleagues are becoming increasingly worried because her disappearance is completely out of character," he said.

"Concern is also increasing as it is possible that Sarah may be upset due to the approaching anniversary of a family tragedy.

Even if certain places don't technically qualify as "education deserts" on this (excellent) map, it doesn't mean that higher ed opportunities in such areas are readily available:…

There are a couple satellite campuses of Southeast Missouri State University, but one of them actually just closed.

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But with the Prime Minister’s leadership in crisis last autumn, and a challenge expected daily from one or more Cabinet rivals, the gamble was taken to deploy Mrs Brown at conference in a desperate bid to portray him in a more human light.

"People may say many things about Gordon, but they cannot say he doesn't care.

He phoned me as soon as it happened and was absolutely mortified.

"I ask anyone who knows the whereabouts of Sarah, or Sarah herself, to make contact with someone as soon as possible - we just need to know that she is safe and well.

"I urge the man she met called Steve to come forward - you may have information that can assist in locating Sarah.

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