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Her life is work, work, work to make partner, especially since she’s yet to find her IBM: Ideal Black Man.

She and her three girlfriends lament the lack over martinis on Valentine’s Day, deciding to “let go, let flow” and loosen their requirements for dates.

But after a chance encounter and a situation she can’t get out of, she decides to hire Brian as a landscape architect for her garden.

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More importantly seeing it might get people to think about the fact that if you’re lucky enough to find your someone, it shouldn’t have to matter what race you are or s/he is.

I just wish that the issue had been shown from both sides and that some of the characters had been more than mere caricatures.

When successful corporate lawyer Kenya ( Sanaa Lathan) is set up on a blind date, she is less than pleased to see that her date is Brian Kelly (Simon Baker).

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I think people are more likely to see something they might consider controversial if they don’t think they’ll be preached at.

Once she lets go, they start having a great relationship. It is as romantic as its supposed to be with all the right amount of complications and obstacles. Well, obviously if you want me to rate according to the screen time and the beauty level of Simon Baker, than it is a 10/10.

Even though she thinks they don’t have much in common, their personalities and taste seem to be opposite and she can’t look past the racial issues, she finds herself falling for Brian. I know it is labeled as a romcom but I don’t think it has many funny moments. Plus, it was a fun change to see Simon in casual wear after watching him in suits all the time in The Mentalist.

Kenya’s new decision gets tested immediately when a coworker sets her up on a blind date with Brian (Simon Baker) a landscape architect who also just happens to be white.

Brian is smitten from the start but Kenya takes some persuading to see him socially a second time, even after she hires his company to landscape her new house.

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