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Now she must embark on the journey of an adult, a wife and a mother while deep down she's still just a child herself. However, he doesn't want to be like any of them as he grows in his ninja career. Incest story between the Uzumaki Family, will include Hinata, Naruto, Boruto, etc. So if you like both incest and yandere females, then this is the fic for you. The Son of Hephaestus is preparing for a new adventure. An act of desperation by a certain "Scrapped Number" alters the landscape of the Sekirei Plan. He just didn't expect one to appear and be part of the Sekirei Plan.

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Danzo Shimura - he is a conniving old man that uses Izanagi as a middle finger.

By some Miracle, she survives, burdened by the Sanbi she can no longer be a medical ninja and her life has gotten a lot more complicated.

Thankfully she has some new friends in Jiraiya and Naruto to help her find her way in this world.

A complete remake of one of my more popular works from way back when i started out. Summary: Naruto Uzumaki, a CIA agent is sent to Langley Falls under orders to keep an eye on the Smiths from his superior. Eleven years ago my father and sister were killed before my very eyes. Frustrated with recent events, Naruto takes a moment to speak with the Kyuubi, who in turn tells him much needed wisdom. Then a few days later Hekapoo shows up at his doorstep with a daughter, their daughter! He'll battle Trainers, catch and raise Pokémon, and, of course, get into some trouble; but it's our favorite Orange Knucklehead! Naruto/Sabrina pairing with Lillie/Mizuki (Moon) side pairing! warning: lemon Realization struck Nagato at Naruto's words. Under the tutelage of Kent Nelson, he aspires to be a hero to his new home. Rated T for violence and language, Rating subject to change. Narutox Kushinax Harem A fathers return to his child sets of a chain of events that will decide the fate of two universes, the lives of billions of people, and the future of a family. Rated M for violence, some language, and future lemons (maybe). Now after finally graduating from his school he is ready..go to Japan as a history teacher! Lives will be shattered and events altered, reality bent double until it is naught but a shadow of its former self. The result left her mind split in two, forced to become separate personas to pick up the pieces. What would Naruto's life be like as a direct descendant of the first Hokage?

He thought it would be a simple mission but as time goes on he finds himself surrounded by weirdness..women Obsidian is a calming stone, it is said to protect sensitive souls from depression and pain. That is the same new gem that has fallen into the laps of the Crystal Gems, a mystery who goes by a human name, Naruto Uzumaki. Since then I've trained with an elite group, honing my skills in hopes of finding justice for my sister and father. Why would they want to ruin something so beautiful by fighting over him? Heeding the advice, Naruto decides to take his first serious steps to becoming a ninja. Heartbroken from tragedy, Naruto finds himself selected to be a Green Lantern. Needless to say, he's going to have a lot more stuff to get used to. 2 years after his loss in the Unova League Ash is going back through all of the previous leagues he has lost in. Chris has a major surprise for the season one cast as they come to an invite to see a preview of a different Total Drama Series. In his last moments, Nagato awakens Naruto's Rinnegan in an effort to atone for his mistakes. Using his techniques and his wit, he moves through the world of Young Justice as the powerful and enigmatic hero Shinobi. Now a teacher of class 2-A will he be able to juggle his hunter duties while teaching his students? Naruto X Harem Being born weak and fragile, all she could do was to rely on her kind big brother. Because a new Avatar has awakened and her name is not Aang. One of them was the innocent girl she used to be..the other is her ruthless, bloodthirsty, and protective sister. And he inherited more than just the "Will of Fire" from Hashirama?

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