Rocsi from 106 and park dating eddie murphy

She was born in the year 1983 and taking into account the information that can be accessed on may resources, she is over 30 years old and she is a Caucasian as her ethnicity.

She is a beautiful woman and at the same time she is talented.

countdown show for the past 7 years with Terrence J.

However, they recently announced their departure from the show to pursue opportunities in film and whatnot. She was also in Hawaii yesterday with Eddie Murphy and his kids.

"The first day I cracked the mic on 106, I was staying on a cot in a basement," Terrence said.

Rocsi added, "Until the moment we leave, we pledge to bring you young black culture.

Rocsi was recently interviewed on “Name Check” for the New York Post to discuss her next moves. On how long she’s been hosting “106 & Park”: “I was a radio personality when I first started.

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In between all of this, the young host has also been romantically linked to Eddie Murphy.Unless they were not holding hands and the photo just makes it seem as if they were, it’s kind of hard to believe, they’re just getting coffee, while holding hands. Meanwhile, check out some of Rosci’s sexiest photos, showing Eddie would definitely be at least “OK” if they were dating..Just a few months ago, Rocsi Diaz thought she was heading to the alter with one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors: Eddie Murphy.It continues to be our honor to do this for you." Terrence then promised viewers that "we have a huge farewell show coming for you guys.We're going to be leaving with a bang." While both have no set future plans, the duo will most likely dive into more opportunities in Hollywood.comes up to me and he’s like ‘Rocsi I wanna introduce you to our first African American president.Rocsi Diaz is a popular woman who is beautiful and who was born in Honduras in the area called Tegucigalpa.She got fame when she co-host Entertainment Tonight and 106 & Park. In addition of being a host, she is also a radio personality and a model.Rocsi Diaz really name is Raquel Roxanne and come to be known as Rocsi by many people.Rocsi knows it’s just a matter of time before she is parading some other woman’s man down the red carpet at an event.Rocsi isn’t looking for love, she’s looking to date famous men so the rest of us won’t forget her name.

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