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Received messages will come in due time, but it often takes a while. Usually they come a month here, a month there...sometimes quicker than that if you're putting up a new picture and arouse some interest from longtime members. You both like Italian food, but you haven't found any good restaurants. Maybe you have some questions about the philosophy she was jabbering about. Oh, and whenever you mention sex you're walking on eggshells. No matter how long you speak to someone, the chances of them actually being a 67 year old halfbreed between a monkey and a man as well as a sea pirate as opposed a 23 year old graduate and surfer does not change one bit.

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I recommend leaving an instant message screename in your profile.One of the worst assumptions out there is that you should take your time while meeting girls online. To compensate, I turned to online dating where I can scan a woman's personality and interests before initiating contact and in turn, tailor words in her favor, and refer her to my own page where my own personality is put on display in a wonderful sterling frame.This is wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll talk about it later. Using writing skills, I was able to enhance every wonderful quirk and feature of my personality upfront whereas in reality they don't shine so bright and often go under the radar.Not that you can be blamed, it's a different kind of jungle out there and I'm just now discovering what works after two years of falling on my face both online and in person.There's a lot of disinformation out there, and some of you are coming into the online realm with it. AFC currently making strides to convert into a PUA/DJ. Confidence and shyness are rarely problems for me, but the words and actions required to attract the type of woman that interests me have evaded me for years." "I'm not very good at writing about myself" or "I'm never sure what to write for these things..." "If you want to know anything more, just ask! Invest thought into your messages, but not emotion.Responses will be more common than received messages. Talking to someone online really is no way of getting to know someone. If it didn't occur to them before they signed up onto a dating sight, it will occur to them now. Since I'm feeding from this tree of knowledge as well as that one, it's only fair I spread what fertilizer I have to offer. ___________________________________ Long time reader, first time caller.After reading a handful of threads on this board and the entire section on online dating experiences from the main page, I have come to the conclusion that a great deal of you have no clue what you're doing when it comes to utilizing online dating sites and personals.While showing appreciation, be careful not to place her too high on any pedestal or go to far out on your compliments. Her writing style makes Hunter S Thomspon look sober and sane. Have a idea of what you want to do with her drawn up ahead of time, and shoot. Have a few ideas in mind, and use which ever one you like best. The profile usually includes a short account of typical interests mixed in with raunchy interests. Plus, we know how much girls like pop psychology quizzes. OKCupid is filled with a large variety of counter culture, suicide esque girls.You think it's awesome she loves Army of Darkness, or Lost Skeleton of the Cadavera. Make playful observations about her that she would like. I would advise against it for the first message in most cases. Let me share with you something that took me TWO YEARS to learn: women don't want to spend time online speaking with you. Most of them aren't as concerned about the whole meeting strangers online thing as you think, and like most things, how they feel with you is very much up to how you act around them. Or even if they're not that, they still have more personality, intelligence, style, and humor than the girls at most other sites I've come across.

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