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I present to you, my tips for racking up the matches. After you garner your matches, you can weed through and unmatch the ones you don’t like. You’ll get more matches and get the instant rush from matching (which in turn will raise your ego! A lesson in not judging book by its cover, if you will.

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I’m here to save you time notification is like seeing the golden arches of a Mc Donald’s sign when you’re drunk in an uber: a beacon of hope. Or until you run out of swipes and have to wait 12 hours.

Some of them offer verification seals, which are given to members who prove that their profile information is indeed valid.

A dedicated admin team is also a feature worth looking for, as they’ll delete any suspicious, uncomplete or harassing profile even before the person behind it could cause trouble.

Online dating isn’t and never was just all about having a fling with on a one-night stand.

There are and always have been quality dating sites where people can build lasting relationships, even though it may sometimes seem as if Tinder is the norm nowadays.

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