Percy jackson and annabeth chase dating

She feels a cold presence, which seems to be laughing at her and the bad choices she is making.

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When Percy says that Annabeth is the person he most wants watching his back, Hera says "We shall see," and tells Percy that she will have a hard task ahead of her when he arrives in Rome and that she may not be up to it.

When Piper repeats the line for the Romans to lay down their weapons, as the Greeks only wanted to talk, her Charmspeak almost causes Annabeth to lay down her knife, and have a chat.

She also watches Leo Valdez fiddle with the controls of the Argo II.

As Annabeth approaches Camp Jupiter on board the Argo II, she checks the ship to make sure that everything is set up, including the back-up plans to the back-up plans.

She tries her best to keep Gleeson Hedge under control, while watching Piper Mc Lean practice her lines for the meeting.

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