Peavey amp serial number dating

I would also assume that the "130" in the name implies a 130W power amp section.

I'd imagine it does quite well, even with raging guitars and drums.

Peavey\'s site, like the LDLD has a SEARCH up near the top right corner.I am fairly confident those speaker lines did not exist then.Also note that the current Sheffield line available includes woofers (sometimes several) in 15, 12, 10, and 6.5" sizes. That's what they were putting in the Data Bass 1x15 combo amp back in 'the day'. That thing could destroy worlds with it's sheer volume and low-end goodness.Originally posted by greenboy: Here\'s the earliest TNT130 manual the site has, from 1983.Peavey has done a fantastic job at getting thousands of manuals online over the past 6 or 8 years.Just to clarify things here, his, ahem, friend said that quite often, due to companies changing hands as they do, records of serial number can be hard to track down.This lost some of its accuracy to Cups translation. For others who can be more helpful, I've just done a forum search (ready for flame war, yeah I should've checked that first) and I've seen, from another post, that apparently Peavey are still making this model. Wish I could be more help, but that's a big company. A friend of mine used to gig with the 75W version and it never let him down though it seemed a bit of waste of his Stingray's tone to me. Alex Peavey models over decades change even when the name stays the same (as it should be), and I don't think the Sheffield line of woofers existed 30 years ago.For the record, my sphincter is now off the market, I try to put those days behind me...thankyou very much, Tea. As I said earlier, I did do a search on the Peavey site, it came up blank And I couldn't have been more specific.I'll have a look later for any info to help date the amp!

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